Tuyệt chiêu nạp 3000 từ vựng Toeic kiểu Do Thái

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“Tuyệt chiêu nạp 3000 từ vựng theo kiểu Do Thái” được thiết kế dựa trên phương pháp học từ vựng thần thánh đó. Các đoạn văn bản được trích từ những cuốn sách kinh điển, được coi là sách gối đầu giường của các sĩ tử trong công cuộc luyện thi TOEIC đầy gian nan như New Economy 2019, ETS 2018, ETS 2019… Để sử dụng hiệu quả cuốn sách này, bạn cần tuân theo nguyên tắc 3 bước học từ được trình bày trong cuốn sách.

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Local NewsMonday. March 31 The Cloud Theater on Gordon Street will close at the end of this month, but this important piece of real estate won't be closed for long. The building has been sold to the Lakehurst Cinema Society(LCS). According to LCS Executive Director Kartik MaIla, the group is planning to make some updates to the building before it reopens. He explained that the seats, screens, and sound systems will be replaced in all of the theaters. --- [1] --- "However," Mr. Malla added. "we'll be keeping one of the Cloud Theater's old projectors so we can continue to show classic films in their original format." Up to now, the Cloud Theater has played mainly arthouse. independent, and foreign films. --- [2] ---. The former owner. Mr. Eugene Sattler, who has now retired, always sought to make the CloudTheater a haven for artistic films. He was successrui for many years, but ticket sales have declined in recent years and he decided it was time to sell. — [3] —. "This was a hard decision to make," said Mr. Saltier. "I will miss working at the theater. I am happy the LCS is going to bring new life to the old theater."Under its new ownership, the theater will continue to show those artistic types of movies on special occasions. it will also show more mainstream movies that will appeal to families and children.The society plans to reopen the theater to the public on July I. In addition, it will continue to serve as host for the classic film festival that begins the first weekend in August and continues for ten days. Everything about the festival will remain the same except for onething. Formerly called the Gordon Street Film Festival, it will now be known as the Lakehurst Cinema Society Film Festival. — [4] —.

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