Đề thi thử TOEIC sát đề thi thật 2021 kèm đáp án - Test 1

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Đề thi thử TOEIC sát đề thi thật 2021 kèm đáp án - Test 1

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Test 3: https://tailieuvip.com/tai-lieu/giao-duc-dao-tao/de-thi-thu-toeic-sat-de-thi-that-2021-kem-dap-an-test-3-8287824

Test 4: https://tailieuvip.com/tai-lieu/bao-cao-thuc-tap/de-thi-thu-toeic-sat-de-thi-that-2021-kem-dap-an-test-4-1861336

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Vol.8 문제지해당 모의고사 결과에 대한 성적 분석표 및 해설강의는응시 후 1일 이내에 해커스인강 사이트에서 제공되며, 로그인 후 마이페이지에서 확인 가능합니다.해커스인강 www.HackersIngang.com해커스인강HackersIngang.com4 해커스인강 www.HackersIngang.comLISTENING TESTIn this section, you must demonstrate your ability to understand spoken \English. This section is divided into four parts and will take approximately 45 minutes to comple\te. Do not mark the answers in your test book. Use the answer sheet that is provided separat\ely.PART 1Directions: For each question, you will listen to four short statements about a pic\ture in your test book. These statements will not be printed and will only be spoken one t\ime. Select the statement that best describes what is happening in the picture and mark the corres\ponding letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on the answer sheet. The statement that best describes the picture is (B), “The man is s\itting at the desk.” So, you should mark letter (B) on the answer sheet.Sample Answer해커스 프리미엄 토익 모의고사 Vol.8 52.1.GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE6 해커스인강 www.HackersIngang.com3.4.해커스 프리미엄 토익 모의고사 Vol.8 75.6.GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE8 해커스인강 www.HackersIngang.com17. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.18. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.19. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.10. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.11. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.12. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.13. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.14. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.15. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.16. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.17. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.18. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.19. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.20. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.21. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.22. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.23. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.24. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.25. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.26. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.27. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.28. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.29. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.30. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.31. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.PART 2Directions: For each question, you will listen to a statement or question followed \by three possible responses spoken in English. They will not be printed and will only be s\poken one time. Select the best response and mark the corresponding letter (A), (B), or (C) o\n your answer sheet.해커스 프리미엄 토익 모의고사 Vol.8 932. What are the speakers mainly discussing?(A) A scheduled appointment (B) A job interview (C) A room layout(D) A movie release 33. What is the man concerned about? (A) Being late for a filming (B) Decorating a studio(C) Setting up some equipment (D) Hearing back from a producer34. What will the woman most likely do next?(A) Pay the man for his participation(B) Take the man to a conference room (C) Coach the man on interview questions(D) Make sure the man checked in on time35. What is mentioned about the training course?(A) It received high evaluations.(B) It focused on computer programming.(C) It was offered for employees. (D) It had mandatory attendance. 36. How will the woman get the information she needs?(A) By talking to students (B) By looking at a document (C) By going to a meeting(D) By reviewing a manual 37. What does the man ask the woman to do?(A) Call a manager(B) E-mail a report(C) Evaluate an instructor(D) Attend a training class38. Why is the woman calling?(A) She is seeking medical advice.(B) She is rescheduling an appointment.(C) She needs to report an accident.(D) She wants to consult with a lawyer. 39. Why does the woman say, “I’m easy”?(A) To indicate that her schedule is flexible (B) To express that a matter is not urgent(C) To show that she understands a situation(D) To explain that she is familiar with a process40. Who most likely is Kelly Kingston?(A) A legal adviser (B) A physical therapist(C) A police officer(D) A car mechanic41. What does the woman ask the man?(A) Whether a business is open (B) How to get to Main Street(C) Where she can find a shop(D) When she has to check out42. Who most likely is the man?(A) A front desk clerk (B) A store manager(C) A pharmacist (D) A hotel guest 43. What does the man say about Smithson Market?(A) It offers the lowest prices.(B) It has a large selection. (C) It stays open late.(D) It is right next door.PART 3Directions: In this part, you will listen to several conversations between two or m\ore speakers. These conversations will not be printed and will only be spoken one time\. For each conversation, you will be asked to answer three questions. Select the best response an\d mark the corresponding letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE10 해커스인강 www.HackersIngang.com44. Who most likely is the woman?(A) A regular customer (B) A business professor (C) A card designer(D) A restaurant owner45. What does the man suggest to the woman?(A) Running a special campaign(B) Ordering extra supplies(C) Calling each customer (D) Pricing meals at $2546. What will the man likely do next?(A) Pay bonuses to employees(B) Give workers a day off (C) Analyze some information(D) Estimate potential profits47. Where do the speakers most likely work?(A) At a housing complex(B) At a government office(C) At a construction company (D) At a garden store48. What happened this morning?(A) A project summary was modified.(B) A notification was distributed. (C) A press conference was held.(D) A permit was approved.49. What will Clark most likely do next?(A) Open an e-mail (B) Revise a document(C) Make an announcement(D) Receive a phone call50. Why is the man calling the woman?(A) To request a recommendation letter(B) To let her know about a change (C) To invite her to his retirement party(D) To talk to her sister51. Why did Ms. Potts close her shop?(A) She took a different job.(B) She moved to another location.(C) She had staffing problems. (D) She chose to stop working. 52. What does the woman ask the man?(A) If she may schedule an appointment (B) If she should change her hairstyle(C) If he is surprised to hear from her(D) If he will charge the same prices53. What is the woman’s problem?(A) She cannot find a button on a device.(B) She has not received formal training.(C) She is unsure about a process. (D) She placed a package on the wrong tray.54. What does the man mention about the scale?(A) It is the only one available.(B) It cannot be repaired.(C) It needs to be redesigned.(D) It should be adjusted. 55. What does the man offer to the woman?(A) His user manual (B) His set of tools (C) His assistance (D) His feedback해커스 프리미엄 토익 모의고사 Vol.8 1156. What does the man thank the woman for?(A) Teaching new employees about office policies (B) Placing a large order with a company(C) Maintaining product quality standards. (D) Increasing sales at an industry event 57. Why does the woman say, “I’d be happy to”?(A) To commit to a goal(B) To take on a task (C) To accept a promotion(D) To confirm a delivery58. What is suggested about the man?(A) He will attend a trade fair next month.(B) He is a manager at the company. (C) He will assist the woman with a task.(D) He was recently hired as a salesman.59. What are the speakers discussing?(A) Whether a film is suitable for an occasion (B) How to obtain a copy of a movie(C) Why a certain video is popular(D) When to schedule a group meeting60. What does the woman mean when she says, “It’s funny you mention that”?(A) She finds a coincidence surprising. (B) She enjoys talking with a friend.(C) She believes a suggestion is strange.(D) She thinks a story is entertaining.61. What is the man concerned about?(A) A discussion could be confusing.(B) A meeting might not be well attended.(C) A movie might be uninteresting. (D) A screening could get canceled.62. What information about a delivery is missing?(A) An intended recipient (B) A packaging type (C) A transport method(D) An arrival time63. What was the man doing when the package arrived?(A) Working on a project(B) Getting a beverage (C) Signing some paperwork(D) Speaking to a salesperson64. Why does the woman tell the man to open the package?(A) Because she is curious about its contents(B) So that they may assess the value (C) Because she wants to use some materials inside(D) So that he can determine whom an item is for GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE12 해커스인강 www.HackersIngang.comADMISSION TICKETTicket Holder: Alan LipmanEvent Date: March 11Ticket Price: $30Venue: Pittsburgh HallSeat Number: 35C|||||||||||||||||||||||||||65. What event does the man want to attend?(A) A museum tour(B) A musical performance (C) A city festival(D) An arts fund-raiser 66. Look at the graphic. What information on the ticket is incorrect?(A) The event date(B) The ticket price(C) The venue (D) The seat number67. What will the man most likely do next?(A) Check a waiting list (B) Edit account information(C) Provide payment details (D) Visit a Web sitePrefered Transportation MethodsBus17%Car 8%Airplane 46%Train29%68. According to the man, what did management agree to do?(A) Pay for an expense (B) Approve an electronics upgrade(C) Distribute a staff questionnaire(D) Sponsor a sports event69. Look at the graphic. How will the team members most likely get to the trade fair?(A) By car(B) By bus(C) By train (D) By airplane70. What does the woman say she will do?(A) Prepare a presentation(B) Pay an entrance fee(C) Choose a transport company(D) Send a message해커스 프리미엄 토익 모의고사 Vol.8 1371. Who is Eli Jenson?(A) A host(B) A scientist (C) A prizewinner(D) A student72. According to the speaker, what did Martina Greer recently do?(A) Published a study (B) Obtained a degree (C) Became a doctor(D) Cured a disease73. What will most likely happen next?(A) A laboratory will be inspected.(B) A class will begin.(C) A demonstration will be held.(D) A talk will be given. 74. What type of business is Bonaventure?(A) A news network(B) An architectural firm(C) An Internet provider (D) A consulting agency 75. When will the companies begin the merger process?(A) Today(B) Next week (C) In six weeks(D) Next year76. What problem does the speaker mention?(A) A name has not been agreed upon. (B) A company chief refuses to sign a document.(C) A deadline needs to be extended.(D) A building does not have extra space.77. Who are the listeners?(A) Government inspectors(B) Company directors (C) Factory employees (D) Product designers 78. What does the speaker mean when he says, “our engineers are considering a wide range of options”? (A) A selection has not been made. (B) A solution has not been identified.(C) A schedule has not been set.(D) A location has not been selected. 79. What will the speaker most likely do next?(A) Return to his office(B) Go for lunch(C) Attend another meeting (D) Introduce another speaker80. Who most likely is the speaker?(A) A school official(B) A health expert (C) An athletic instructor (D) A news announcer 81. What are listeners instructed to do? (A) Wear warm clothing(B) Watch an event(C) Be cautious on walkways (D) Listen to emergency reports82. What does the speaker mention about local schools? (A) They have had concerns about attendance.(B) They will temporarily shut down. (C) They are expecting to hold a competition. (D) They plan to change security policies.PART 4Directions: In this part, you will listen to several short talks by a single speake\r. These talks will not be printed and will only be spoken one time. For each talk, you will\ be asked to answer three questions. Select the best response and mark the corresponding letter (\A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE14 해커스인강 www.HackersIngang.com83. What is the purpose of the message?(A) To provide an update on arrangements(B) To describe the features of an establishment (C) To inquire about entertainment options(D) To recommend a restaurant to a coworker84. What did the speaker do on Tuesday?(A) Made a reservation (B) Talked to an assistant(C) Selected some food(D) Toured a potential venue 85. What does the speaker mean when she says, “I asked Kendrick Leland to handle it”?(A) She asked an associate to send invitations.(B) She asked a colleague to meet with her.(C) Kendrick Leland will create a banquet menu.(D) Kendrick Leland will choose a location. 86. Who is the speaker?(A) A business owner (B) A city official (C) A police officer (D) An event planner87. According to the speaker, what will take place during the event?(A) Amateur competitions (B) Celebrity appearances (C) Promotional giveaways (D) Musical performances 88. What does the speaker encourage listeners to do?(A) Make a financial donation(B) Purchase tickets online(C) Support craftspeople (D) Park on side streets89. Who most likely are the listeners?(A) Prospective investors(B) Public school teachers(C) Job recruiters(D) College graduates 90. What does the speaker say about his past?(A) He earned money through several jobs. (B) He received career advice.(C) He was helped by a charity organization. (D) He worked for a university.91. Why did the speaker choose to attend Durban University?(A) It provided financial assistance. (B) It ran an excellent business program.(C) It offered its students internships.(D) It employed famous professors.Clarity IncorporatedDiscount Amount: 10%Expiration Date: June 30Discount Limit: $20Coupon Code: 50R92. What is being advertised?(A) A dishwasher (B) A bathroom appliance(C) A deodorizing spray(D) A cleaning liquid 93. What does the speaker say about Zap Plus?(A) It is sold at certain retail locations only.(B) It was promoted on a social media page.(C) It was tested in consumer trials.(D) It is stronger than competing products. 94. Look at the graphic. Which information is incorrect?(A) Discount Amount (B) Expiration Date(C) Discount Limit(D) Coupon Code해커스 프리미엄 토익 모의고사 Vol.8 15This is the end of the Listening Test. Turn to Part 5 in your test book.\Vid Company Directory for Opal TowerFloor NumberDepartment6Accounting7Human Resources8Information Technology9Marketing95. What is the main purpose of the announcement?(A) To fix technical errors(B) To clarify schedule changes(C) To prepare for a move (D) To recruit some volunteers96. What does the speaker tell listeners to do?(A) Write down personal details(B) Check an online posting (C) Turn off electrical equipment (D) Clean a work area97. Look at the graphic. Which department do the listeners work in?(A) Accounting (B) Human Resources(C) Information Technology(D) MarketingWRZ Channel 5 TV GuideShowStart TimeGreat Racers2 p.m.Quiz Mania3 p.m.Public Broadcast4 p.m.Local News5 p.m.98. What event will take place this week?(A) An athletic competition (B) A company workshop(C) A grand opening(D) An electronics convention99. What does the speaker say he will do?(A) Volunteer at a help desk(B) Display a corporate image (C) Print out some pamphlets(D) Shop during a promotion period100. Look at the graphic. When will the speaker appear on TV?(A) At 2 p.m.(B) At 3 p.m.(C) At 4 p.m. (D) At 5 p.m.GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE16 해커스인강 www.HackersIngang.com101. Fully ------- the new phone before using it for the first time.(A) charge (B) charged(C) charging(D) to charge102. John Peters will receive a significant pay raise ------- he begins his new job.(A) soon(B) once (C) upon(D) since103. The development of Pylo-Color paint was a great ------- for Maliko Inc. since it was superior to competing products. (A) advantage (B) discount(C) industry(D) selection104. Simon Parker contacted Orange Telecommunications about an error in ------- monthly bill.(A) him(B) his (C) he (D) himself105. The new album was ------- from previously unreleased songs by the artist. (A) compile(B) compiled (C) compiling(D) compilation106. Grant’s academic advisor said that he was the most ------- student she had ever met.(A) abundant (B) brilliant (C) clear(D) vivid107. Although many reviewers said the book’s characters were simplistic, they praised the ------- storyline.(A) engage(B) engaged(C) engaging (D) engagement108. Most of the new workers will be offered a permanent contract ------- the one-month probationary period.(A) while(B) under (C) toward(D) following Reading TestIn this section, you must demonstrate your ability to read and comprehen\d English. You will be given a variety of texts and asked to answer questions about these texts\. This section is divided into three parts and will take 75 minutes to complete. Do not mark the answers in your test book. Use the answer sheet that is \separately provided.PART 5Directions: In each question, you will be asked to review a statement that is missin\g a word or phrase. Four answer choices will be provided for each question. Select t\he best answer and mark the corresponding letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on the answer she\et.해커스 프리미엄 토익 모의고사 Vol.8 17109. Richard Sloane ------- the other competitors on the quiz show and received the grand prize.(A) outperformed (B) recovered(C) suffered(D) suspended110. The reporter ------- apologized for accidentally calling the company’s new CEO by his predecessor’s name.(A) quick(B) quickly (C) quicken(D) quickness111. The grocery store differentiated itself from its competitors ------- stocking imported foods. (A) of(B) to (C) on (D) by 112. Although the laptop is ------- small compared to others on the market, it is very powerful.(A) usually(B) exactly(C) relatively (D) specifically113. The aquarium ------- the best tourist attraction in the city last month by readers of the local newspaper.(A) rate(B) rating(C) be rated(D) was rated 114. ------- recently have the finance employees begun using the paper shredder, despite it having been in the office for nearly a year.(A) Already(B) Always(C) Before(D) Only 115. Employees who have incurred travel expenditures should submit their ------- expense reports to the accounting department.(A) completed (B) fulfilled(C) executed(D) accomplished116. Belinda Mai proofread the company’s financial reports ------- before releasing them to the stockholders.(A) care(B) caring(C) careful(D) carefully 117. This year’s Brook Prize for Literature ------- to Christine Yamaguchi at a ceremony later tonight.(A) award(B) is awarding(C) was awarded(D) will be awarded 118. The judge said that the ------- would begin as soon as the attorneys were ready.(A) evidence(B) law(C) trial (D) bench119. Gruber Electronics looked forward to the next quarter -------- as analysts had predicted an increase in sales.(A) optimist(B) optimism (C) optimistic (D) optimistically 120. The two delivery companies announced that ------- had decided to merge in the near future.(A) they (B) them(C) their(D) theirsGO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE18 해커스인강 www.HackersIngang.com121. Knowing his mother's opinions about pets, Vladimir did not ------- to ask her if he could have a dog.(A) worry(B) bother (C) occur(D) realize122. Tony Perkins ------- as the most successful salesperson at Cindy’s Car Warehouse for two months in a row. (A) will honor (B) honors(C) is honoring(D) has been honored 123. The airline allows passengers to check one piece of ------- on domestic flights and two on international flights.(A) lug(B) lugged(C) lugging(D) luggage 124. The insurance policy could be voided in the case of nonpayment or ------- of false information.(A) handling (B) submission (C) acceptance(D) consideration125. Lynn Ogawa said that ------- Mount Everest was the most difficult and inspiring thing she had ever done.(A) scale(B) scaled(C) scaling (D) have scaled126. The marketing department worked ------- the advertising department to find the best way to promote the company’s products.(A) in(B) from(C) beneath(D) alongside 127. The two jobs offered similar salaries, but one featured ------- shorter hours and more vacation time.(A) suddenly (B) questionably(C) directly(D) considerably 128. Their employment contract states that all research discoveries they make in the corporate laboratory ------- to the company.(A) belong (B) belongs(C) belonged(D) belonging129. The engineer said that it was impossible to add a rooftop pool to the hotel because of the ------- of the water.(A) weigh(B) weight (C) weighs(D) weighed130. Sunnydale Farms was forced to ------- its annual tax filings after an error was discovered by its accounting firm.(A) revise (B) relieve(C) repair(D) reposition해커스 프리미엄 토익 모의고사 Vol.8 19Questions 131-134 refer to the following notice.Attention All ResidentsOver the next two weeks, the maintenance crew will be coming around to p\erform the yearly fire safety inspections. Beginning on March 7, the ------- inspections will be conducted between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. for all suites located on floors 9 to 18. The remaining floors will be visited during the same hours on the week of March 14. Accordingly, t\he workers will need to ------- all units in the building. Residents do not have to be present at the time of the inspection. A member of the property management team, who has the legal \right to enter all suites, -------- those doing the inspections. In addition, please keep in mind that it is against the law to remove the smoke detector in your apartment. -------. Failure to comply with the municipal fire code will result in strict penalties. Thank you in advanc\e for your cooperation.131.132. 133. 134.PART 6Directions: In this part, you will be asked to read four English texts. Each text \is missing a word, phrase, or sentence. Select the answer choice that correctly completes t\he text and mark the corresponding letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on the answer sheet.131. (A) compulsion(B) compulsory(C) compulsiveness(D) compulsively132. (A) access (B) renovate(C) vacate(D) acquire 133. (A) had accompanied(B) to accompany(C) has been accompanied(D) will accompany 134. (A) Be sure to follow our guidelines carefully when installing your fire alarm.(B) This regulation only applies to residents living on floors 9 to 18.(C) Modifying the device in any way that hinders its effectiveness is also illegal. (D) The latest smoke detection system costs an additional $20. GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE20 해커스인강 www.HackersIngang.comQuestions 135-138 refer to the following letter.Edward Foley 181 Sprucewood Drive Cleveland, OH 44106 Dear Mr. Foley: After looking at your yard, I have come up with a quote for your ------- services. The cost for removing the three trees where the pond will go is $200 each. In additio\n, the installation fee for the body of water plus a standard filtration system is $2,800. -------, the full cost is subject to increase depending on the type and quantity of ornamental plants you \would like to add. -------. Also, when we met last week, you specified that you would like the pond to be bordered by stones. According to my -------, that will cost an additional $300, including the delivery charge for the materials. This brings the total base cost of the project\ to $3,700. Once you have decided, I will put the order in. You can reach me any time at (21\6) 555-9876.Sincerely, Doug Jenkins Jenkins & Sons Landscaping135.136.137. 138.135. (A) to request(B) request(C) requesting(D) requested 136. (A) However (B) Similarly(C) For this reason(D) Otherwise137. (A) I have enclosed a brochure that may help you decide which ones you want. (B) It is unfortunate that you have hired another landscaper for this project.(C) We used to have many different fountain sculptures in stock.(D) The work will most likely be completed in a few days.138. (A) capacity(B) schedule(C) receipt(D) estimate해커스 프리미엄 토익 모의고사 Vol.8 21Questions 139-142 refer to the following article.Young Writers in the SpotlightMore than 150 college students from the Bayville area came together last\ Friday for the sixth annual Young Writers Conference. This year’s event had a variety of o\fferings. Young adults had the rare ------- to attend a keynote talk by a best-selling author. ------- the gathering, the attendees created their own stories by participating in 40-minute worksh\ops led by published authors. -------. This year’s meeting also included a songwriting class for as\piring musicians. The session was instructed by Chris Cohen, the lead singer of the local band\ Steel Pipes, who asked the participants to brainstorm ideas for songs and write their own lyrics. At the closing ceremony, Cohen and the students treated everyone to a ------- professional performance. The event organizers agreed that the conference was the best yet, with many studen\ts already looking forward to next year’s. (A) contribution(B) incident(C) opportunity (D) determination 140. (A) As opposed to(B) During (C) In front of (D) Despite 141. (A) All of the materials have been loaned by school libraries.(B) These will be rescheduled so that more students can take part.(C) The professional writers spent much of the time providing detailed feedback.(D) Most of the content was written by English literature professors.142. (A) typically(B) disappointingly(C) surprisingly (D) brieflyGO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE22 해커스인강 www.HackersIngang.comQuestions 143-146 refer to the following memo.TO: All programmers FROM: Rachel Lowe SUBJECT: Feedback on Web site DATE: June 13The results of our first user survey are in, and I would like to give yo\u a summary of the most common complaints. First of all, the majority of ------- found the draft version of the Web site difficult to navigate due to the small size of the text in the drop-down\ menus. Many of them recommended that we use a larger and simpler font as that would make the\ text more -------. Additionally, about half of the testers think that we should change the \Web site’s color scheme. The site is intended for buyers of luxury clothing, but it was m\entioned that ------- orange and blue design makes the products look cheap. Finally, the newly\ added shopping cart feature appears to have a malfunction. -------. I ask that you please consider solutions for these issues in preparation for our next meeting on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. Thank you, and see you all then. (A) responses(B) responsive(C) respond(D) respondents 144. (A) valuable(B) legible (C) delicate (D) intricate145. (A) us(B) them(C) our (D) their 146. (A) Several people noticed that their items disappeared after being selected. (B) The feature will be added in accordance with the results of the survey.(C) We have received many customer complaints about this in recent years.(D) The error is currently in the process of being fixed by our technicians.해커스 프리미엄 토익 모의고사 Vol.8 23PART 7Directions: In this part, you will be asked to read several texts, such as adverti\sements, articles, instant messages, or examples of business correspondence. Each text is f\ollowed by several questions. Select the best answer and mark the corresponding letter (A)\, (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.Questions 147-148 refer to the following advertisement. 147. What is being advertised?(A) A series of outdoor performances(B) A recreational facility’s opening (C) A travel package for the summer(D) A town’s annual community fair148. What is NOT indicated about the Splash Water Park?(A) It contains a record-breaking attraction. (B) It features a separate area for children. (C) It stays open throughout the year. (D) It includes several dining establishments.Stay Cool All Summer Long at Splash!It’s that time of the year again. Summer has arrived, and the Splash Water Park will be opening its gates on Saturday, June 1. To celebrate, we are offering a 30 percent discount on day passes for that day. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to experience our many attractions, including:• Rolling Thunder: Are you brave enough to try the tallest waterslide in the state? • Surfs Up: Enjoy fun for the whole family in our massive wave pool.• Mellow River: Spend the day floating on a raft along our artificial river.• Toddler ’s Play Zone: Younger kids will love our collection of shallow pools.In addition, there will be many fun activities arranged for that day, such as games, contests, and a concert by the popular pop band, The Spirals. And if you get hungry, all five of our restaurants will offer special deals on June 1 as well. We hope to see you then!GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE24 해커스인강 www.HackersIngang.comQuestions 149-151 refer to the following Web page. 149. What will happen on the final day of the event?(A) Some outfits will be modeled. (B) A talk will be given.(C) A photo shoot will be held.(D) Some gifts will be distributed. 150. How can people pay less for tickets?(A) By using a coupon (B) By buying ahead of time (C) By contacting an exhibitor (D) By signing up in person 151. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4] does the following sentence best belong?“All told, you could save over $2,000.”(A) [1] (B) [2](C) [3](D) [4] Bayside Wedding ExpoEvent OverviewList of ExhibitorsPurchase TicketsContact UsIf you are planning a wedding, then you’ll want to attend this event.\ — [1] — . From April 14 to 18, over 300 exhibitors—ranging from photographers to caterers to designers—will gather at the Delta Convention Center in downtown Seattle. No matter what stage of the planning process you are in, there is someth\ing for you here. Highlights of the expo will include presentations by several of the coun\try’s most successful wedding organizers and, on the last day, a bridal fashion show. — [2] —. And, of course, there will be a wide range of industry experts on hand to answer your questions and\ help make your dream wedding a reality. Best of all, attendees will receive a coupon book tha\t includes discount offers for the goods and services provided by the exhibitors. — [3] —.Tickets for the Bayside Wedding Expo are $20 for individuals and $18 each for groups of four or more. Buy your tickets in advance on our Web site to receive an immediat\e discount of $2.50 on your purchase. — [4] —.해커스 프리미엄 토익 모의고사 Vol.8 25Questions 152-153 refer to the following e-mail. 152. What is NOT mentioned about the building on Johnson Street?(A) It is near public transportation. (B) It includes a parking facility.(C) It has an affordable monthly rental fee. (D) It is located in the city center. 153. Why will Ms. Gomez be unable to meet on Tuesday?(A) She will be attending an event. (B) She will be inspecting a property.(C) She will be going out of town. (D) She will be visiting a client. TO: Jack Devries FROM: Mandy Gomez SUBJECT: Suitable Property DATE: April 11Dear Mr. Devries,I just wanted to update you on our search for a commercial property. I have found one that should make a suitable location for your marketing company’s new branch. It is a three-story building on Johnson Street that is less than half a block from the Stanford Subway S\tation. The structure has an underground garage with enough spaces for the vehicles of your employees and \clients. Of course, the monthly rent is within the budget you specified.Please let me know if you can visit Chicago next week for a viewing. Any day other than Tuesday will work for me. I have to represent my company at a local real estate conference then. Feel free to call me at 555-9039 if you have any questions.Sincerely,Mandy GomezGO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE

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