Complete IELTS Band 5.5 - 6.5

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Sách luyện thi IELTS với band 5.5 đến 6.5 phù hợp vói học sinh, sinh viên.

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Bands 5-6.5 Student's Book with Answers Guy Brook-Hart and Vanessa Jakeman ..... ~ ..... CAMBRIDGE - : :: UNIVERSITY PRESSCAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Delhi, Tokyo, Mexico City Cambridge University Press The Edinburgh Buildin g, Cambridge CB2 8RU, UK www. Information on this title: ©Cambridge University Press 2012 This publication is in copyright. Subject to statutory exception and to the provisions of relevant collective licensing agreements , no reproduction of any part may take place without the written permission of Cambridge University Press. First published 2012 Printed in China by Golden Cup Printing Co. Ltd A catalogue record for this publication is available from the British Library ISBN 978-0-521 -1 7948-5 Student's Book with Answers with CD-ROM ISBN 978-0-521-17949-2 Student's Book without Answers with CD-ROM ISBN 978-0-521-18516-5 Teacher's Book I SBN 978-0521-17950-8 Class Audio CDs (2) ISBN 978-0521-17953-9 Student's Book Pack (Student's Book with Answers with CD-ROM and Class Audio CDs (2)) ISBN 978-1107 -40197-6 Workbook with Answers with Audio CD ISBN 978-1107-40196-9 Workbook without Answers with Audio CD Cambridge University Press has no responsibility for the persistence or accuracy of URLs for external or third -party internet websites referred to in this publication, and does not guarantee that any content on such websites is, or will remain, accurat e or appropriate. Information regarding prices, travel timetables and other factual information given in this work is correct at the time of ftrst printing but Cambridge University Press does not guarantee the accuracy of such information th ereafter.Contents Map of the units 4 Introduction 6 IELTS Academic Module: content and overview 7 1 Starting somewhere new 8 2 It's good for you! 17 Vocabulary and grammar review Units 1 and 2 26 3 Getting the message across 28 4 New media 37 Vocabulary and grammar review Units 3 and 4 46 5 The world in our hands 48 6 Making money, spending money 57 Vocabulary and grammar review Units 5 and 6 66 7 Relationships 68 8 Fashion and design 77 Vocabulary and grammar review Units 7 and 8 86 Speaking reference 88 Writing reference 92 Language reference 100 Word list 108 IELTS practice test 116 Recording script 133 Answer key 149 Acknowledgements 167 Conte n ts 0somewhere new 2 It's good for you ! 3 Getting the m essage across 4 New media 5 The world in our ha nds culture and culture shock • True I False I Not G1ven • Table completion Reading Section 2: Organic food : why? Matching headings • Pick from a list Listening Section 1: Joining an international social club • Form complet1on • Multiple choice Listening Section 2: A welcome talk Multiple choice • Labelling a map or plan Vocabular y and grammar reVIe w Unit s 7 and 2 Reading Section 3: Why don't Listening Section 3: A student babies talk like adults? tutor ial • Yes I No I Not Given Pick from a list • Summary completion with a Matching box • Multiple choice Reading Section 1: The World Wide Web from its origins • True I False I Not Given Note completion • Short-answer questions Short-answer questions Liste ning Sect ion 4: A le ct ure on journa lism • Sentence completion • Flow-chart completion Vocabulary and grammar review Units 3 an d 4 Reading Section 2: Out of Africa : Listening Section 1: Booking an solar energy from the Sahara eco-holiday Matching information Note completion Matching features • Table completion Summary completion 6 Making money, Reading Section 1 : The way the Listening Sect ion 2: A talk about banks and credit cards Matching spending money bralfJ buys 7 Relationships 8 Fashion and desi gn 0 Map of the units • Labelling a diagram • True I False I No t Given Flow-chart completion • Labelling a d1agram Vocabul ary and grammar review Units 5 Reading Section 2: The truth Listening Section 3: A student about lying discussion about a project • Matching headings • Multiple choice • Matching features Flow-chart completion Sentence completion Reading Section 3: Passage about restoring a dress Multiple choice Yes I No I Not Given Matching sentence endings Listening Sect1on 4: A lecture on Japanese stitching • Sentence completion Answering questions about yourself • Giving reasons and extra details Speaking Part 2 Giving a talk "' • lntroduc1ng the points • Beginning and ending the talk Speaking Part 2 • Using discours e markers Speak ing Parts 2 and 3 • Using relevant vocabulary Giving a full answer Giving reasons and examples Speaking Parts 2 and 3 • Preparing notes Using adjectives Talking in general about a topic Speaking Parts 2 and 3 Using reasons and examples Strategies for self-c orrection and express1ng oneself more clearly Speaking Part 1 Using openers • Paraphrasing Speak1ng Parts 2 and 3 Making comparisons • Providing a list of points • Supporting a view with reasons • Structuring a Part 3 answer

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