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Sách “New round up starter 1,2,3,4,5,6” gồm 7 cấp độ khác nhau được biên soạn bởi 2 tác giả nổi tiếng là Virginia Evans và Jenny Dooley. Sách được biên soạn để giúp các bạn thiếu niên học tiếng Anh theo cách nhanh nhất thông qua các hình ảnh minh hoạ dễ nhớ, dễ học. Sách còn kèm theo file audio và các bài tập để rèn luyện kỹ năng nghe và làm bài tập ngữ pháp.

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i:i.*,*"1g>.;s1 $"*rF I'{| / :'so- ^*f| 'rt ^f:{l| *" ;:' ,.*-E6xEi' bff#\NPearson Education LimitedEdinburgh GateHarlowEssex CM20 2JEEnglandand Associated Companies throughout the world.www. pearsonlongman.comO Pearson Education Limited 2010The rights of Virginia Evans and Jenny Dooley to be identified asauthors of this Work has been asserted by them in accordance withthe Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.. All rights reserved; no part of this publication may be reproduced,stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by anymeans, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwisewithout the prior written permission of the Publishers.First published 2010Printed in ChinaSWTC/o1ISBN 978- 1 -4058-8884-4 (Book)ISBN 978-1 -4082-3490-7 (Pack)fnglish Grammar Practice12RevisionRevision 1 (Units 1-2)Revision 2 (Units 1-4) ............................ 104Revision 3 (Units 1-6) ,........................... 106Revision 4 (Units 1-8) ............................ 108Revision 5 (Units 1-10) .............,.,.......... 111Revision 6 (Units 1-12) .......................... 114Revision 7 (Units 1-14) .......................... 117Revision I (Units 1-16) ....,..................... 120Revision 9 (Units 1-19) .......................... 123Word List ..........127Gontents3 456102IntroductionNew Round-Up 1 English Grammar Practice combines games andfun with serious, systematic grammar practice. lt is ideal for younglearners in the preliminary stages of English language learning.Students see grammar points clearly presented in colourful boxesand tables. They practise grammar through lively, highly illustratedgames and oral and writing activities.New Round-Up is especially designed for ditferent studentsstudying English in different ways.It can be used: o in class with a coursebook. Students do both oral work - inpairs and in groups - and written work in New Round-Up.o after class. The 'write-in' activities are ideal for homework.Students can practise what they have learned in the classroom.o on holidays for revision. New Round-Up has clear instructionsand simple grammar boxes, so students can study at homewithout a teacher.The New Round-Up Teacher's Guide includes a full answer key,quizzes, tests plus answer keys, and audio scripts of progresscheck listening tasks.wka cal a dogan elephanta + consonant (b, c, d, f, 9, h, i, k, l, m, tr, p, g, r, s, t, v, w, x, y, z)an + vowel sound (a, e, i, o, u)hosli Circle. Listen and check. Listen and repeat.1 @/ an biscuit4 a lan pineapple5 a lan onion6 alantomato7 al anegg 8 a lan lemon an octopusloz$ Listen and rePeat.a(/ an [email protected]/ an orange3aoI-a / an cake9a10 alanwatermelon 11 a/anolive12 alansandwichA-Ane ilooli wt:te a or an. Listen and check.monKeyelephantA-An€ write the words in the correct cotumn.nenrilrvt twtl 't !f 1Where are the animals?I can see an elephant.Picture A! | can see a lion.Picture B! etc.A:B:A:Pluraltwo birdsG t'",en and repeat.Singulara / one [email protected] &dF#.d\Jthree."...,,---U tHrr-DF/tffYA' IIF%RWe form the plurals of most nouns by adding -s.ilouli Write the plurals. Listen and check. Listen and repeat.1 one ant three . A.nV?"2 onefrog four...... 3 one dog three5 one tiger three6 one lion_iStt,4#kw:ffi two ..,,.,dd# [['ffi'&ffi'ffi#[email protected]\s4 one snaker# 9 one zebra four8 oneelephant two.,.,.7 one cow two ,.Pluralsoilozli Listen and rePeat.Nouns ending in: consonant + y + -ies ,onebutterfryW two butterfliesry1krone donkeyC G Write the plurals. Listen and check. Listen and repeat.BUTvowel (a, e, o, u) + y -r -s.strawberry cherry keyboy baby lady1 three f,oYe2 two twodonkeys \aUteymonkeyq& ^c7 qa7/t .3 ffi trxF--7' - -'!Jt 5L E3 four 4 two8n35 five . ffi€6 four8 twoPluralsG a,",en and repeat.busglassdishtorch boxpotato busesglassesdishestorchesboxespotatoes radio - radiospiano - pianosgiraffe - giraffesdish glasstomatoNouns ending in -s, -ss,-sho -ch, -x or -o + -es.Nouns ending in -f or -feby removing the -f or -fe+ -ves.uuelfnEnE s ejI Count and write..J,k A*?= "l=x1 ... .throp. woluae" "..OID scarfoo4 M 8 Mr,,Plurals Offi Corplete the crossword with the plurals.'44]'r--tf-'@hF*G t,r,en and repeat.lrregular pluralsrtqn{L- r--rtI people/}s feet44 HE? *1rgeeseYtr+ oxenI}|lperson\J)l# foot4 w*1rgoosetu oxaffian vdh...G /TUET mene-)ff# \a1f"1p{l /dB uB8H o Bsheepe& womenWffi deerfrman&--> \+-iidUA C Bsheep-.I--il-1rg-l- --T-woman{ KdeermiceI ^f,E stbn& tIITltt dbchildrenrf,m \itlvYteeth8< *< fishmouse-wffichildm-lVtooth"b*6Is{-*le€ [email protected]# "'t"," Pluralsthe correct words.)k% "*mffi.*foffi mu fi#1 [email protected] 2 sheep/sheepsJ fl*ffifl5 foot / feet 6 person / people€ Count and write. *<ffi€ ffi.;1 d"\\m n/ nl\/ vu \J"4 tooth / teethGT#ilG:*t rnrl'-!8 woman / women3 fishes / fishl*r R, *'. m --;,- -aANK r' rTr* aft#laE7 child / childrenffiftfl1 Lhree menffre$ 5 ,., foot person sheep child mouse fish man toothffiftn#ffiffi%6 7 -, 810Pluralsit.'.'li Complete the table. Listen and check.bag boy tomato elephantehild box cherry babywolf strawberry scarf foot leaf owlbutterfly mouseglassknifemanwatchchildrenLook at the pictures for a minute. Close your book and try toremember.2dru#ooooaa &fit * {'*#5*#q,€,ry UUU TtFive strawberries. No! Six strawberries. I-:qk{-,'flel (lrrud'fRI&$i11Progress Gheck | (Units t-21,-:\i I TWriteaoran._\) \c^ P€1gP gtH* ./_r{ ,/r.antSbee9oencil12,/=,, $ ) write the plurals.I23 45o man - rnenfish -strawberry -knife -radio -bus -Itr'Frnlua$ iO i;rz;i Listen and colour. There is one example.CG tqsi)ne fish, two fiahThree fish, four)ne tomato, two tomatoesThree tomatoeg, more!1ix e66a,6oven e00oEiqht egqa, nineHurry up! It'o dinner time!7 apple -8 glass -9 baby -10 dish -11 foot -12 toy -)ne knife, two kniveaThree knives, four)ne 6laao, two glaoaeoThree 6laooeo, more!)ix dishea, 6even disheaEi7ht dishea, nineHurry up! It'o dinner time!Progress Check I13 leaf -, ,14 sandwich -15 box -'16 person -17 deer -18 ox [email protected] -€ A-=rR_ fi:ll.-..1 C_affiulJ13E4Ftffi_gw-q.6*ryoff t,",en and repeat.5ffiffiwffftffi r,rl"t"h the words to the pictures.lr. a 'ff& B*5we6hev 'ff&effi' .iSingular Plurallweyou youheshe they it,He&trj14Personal Pronouns O.-€# ]tb*"lr'./ e c SAH d AA,yit / they& [email protected] n""d and [email protected] 4 it / theyw 8 we / they3 he/[email protected] and check.7 itlhewe or they. Listen5 l/you [email protected] G write t,vort,ffitrAU ft1,1fr1115 1210Personal Pronounswtit e he,she, it, we, you or they.1 Sophie ehe2 Georgios3 you and Lisa4 Mum5 Mark and I6 Lily and Tom7 dogsI Mum and Dad 9 car10 pencils'11 you and Nick12 Mia and I13 book14 Dad15 desk16 children*€ 1y"Name the pictures. Say the personal subject pronoun.6A: Balloons. B: They! Woman,A: She! etc.16h.,rd Litten and repeat. Then act out.(Hello,l'm Den. Hi! I'm Pam andhe'e Peter,NegativeLong Form Short Form Yea, we are,We're from NewYork, What'a thie?.InterrogativeAm l?Are you?ls he?ls she?ls it?Are we?Are you?Are they?AffirmativeLong FormlamYou are He isShe isIt isWe areYou areThey are Short Forml'mYou'reHe'sShe'sIt'sWe'reYou'reThey're I am notYou are not He is notShe is notIt is notWe are notYou are notThey are notl'm notYou aren'tHe isn'tShe isn'tIt isn'tWe aren'tYou aren'tThey aren't1 [email protected]/areadoctor,2 | am / are ten.3 lt am / is a penguin.4 They is / are robots.5 We is / are friends.6 You am / are eight.Listen and check. Listen and repeat.O G Read and circle''ffiffik 17*r,, a 'rt, 's or 're.Lucy'9Benfirefighters.4 Bil[ The verb 'to be'a doctor. a clown.an artist.123 Look at Terry and Steve. TheyI am no|TheyWe She ,ItYou t- ';:fta student. chairs.British. 1'm notTheyWe She ,,ItYou,='..;123,4 '[email protected] rill in the gaps as in the examples:eleven years old.an orange, from London. 5 Stella a nurse.6 Look at Elisha and Pam. Theysingers. I a pilot.'.-.. .'= t a''41'..;;a.,aa student, chairs,British.eleven years old.an orange.from London.2€ write isnt or aren't.1 l'm not at school.2 We aren't eight,3 She isn't a teacher,4 lt isn't Monday.5 They aren't tomatoes.6 You aren't a firefighter.7 He isn't in the house. The verb 'to be'Tony , |en'tCanadian. He's American. Melek ,, , ,Egyptian. She's Turkish,Costas and ChloeItalian,They're Greek.C6line British, She's French.Klaus , , Polish.He's German,Micaela and Lucas,,,, Brazilian.They're Argentinian,7 HarukiChinese. He's Japanese.34 @€[email protected]€lR€ffi1gG5REEjRFTE ;567G G Read and match'Listen and check.ab cd e tg It's Tuesday.You're a clown. He's in the garden,They're apples.She's a doctor, I'm at home,We're nine,19O The verb rto be'# f-ook and write is, isnt, are or aren'[email protected] 10 :252513:28tdoctor i I{Q Itvstudent :_:Brazilian tlj.-_-*-.1 teacherJapanesestudentstudentteacherEnglish Greek,, GermanEnglishj;-.-^",--*--a ='--'-.*.-.-F1 Ann ie1',L a doctor. She a student.2 Manos , a student, He a doctor.3 Carl and Ricardo fifteen. They thirteen.4 Helen and Mitsuko , students. They , , teachers,5 Mitsuko ten. She twenty-five,6 Ann, Carl and Ricardo , teachers, They students,7 Ann and Helen French. They English.8 Ricardo English. He Brazilian.9 Helen and Mitsuko thirteen years old, They , , twenty-five,10 Carl , , Greek, He German.Short AnswersAm l/Are you tall?ls he/she/it in the garden?Are we/you/ students?they Yes, lam.Yes, he/she/it is.Yes, we/you/ are. they No, l'm not.No, he/she/it isn't.No, we/you/ aren't. they20ffi on"wer the questions.ls he a teacher?, .Yo,a,,he, te. 2 ls it a mouse?No, tt tgn'f,.It'g a cat. The verb 'to bet4 ls she a doctor?7 Are they dogs? 8 Are you eight?5 Are you a nurse? ffils it a motorbike?*r l|+ ,r:irName the job.Team A 51: Are you a doctor?Leader: No, I'm not.Team B 51: Are you a teacher? etc.Read about Jane. Write about you.Hi! IHil I'm Jane,l'm tcn,l'm a student,21Progress Gheck 2 (Units 3-4)writ e am,is or are.1 Tony21.,,@ Cnoose the correct item.1 Tom and I are friends. , . . .A They @wr c2 The boys are happy,garden.AHe BWe C3 You and Mike are students. . are ten.Heare in theThey are at 5 Look at Layla. is happy.AShe BHe C lt6 Look at the horse. is white.Alt BThey C I7,, . are ooliceofficers.A He B They C She8 Amy is nine. , is a student.AHe BShe C lt9 Hello! am Sam.A She BHeclschool,A We B They4 is a pen.AHe Bltcc YouTheyt.5 . a student.happy today.(t re\-,,/2 3 You4 John and Sue from England.friends.# write the questions and answers.1 elephant 2 girlsle it an elephantYea, it ig, 3 teacher?2Are they 7irleNo, they aren't,They're boye, fl$4 pencils5 apple22i1rsli Listen and tick (/) the box. There is one example.How old is Emma? 2 What is Mark&n1 Where is Alex from? 3 Who is Nina?FFFEE=t,:,r, ff:J7--r Ii4] fF------I' ':, ZftaR 1.", I---r_-J- _-rJ .--aj KitrYou are )arahI am DenYou're elevenI am tenWe are friendsWe're at achool We are studenta We are cool, Progre,$s Ctreck 2-Wqq.g*s%3ry5qeqe.4,s". .&r.-. "It'a a pencilIt'a a bookIt's a claasroomLook,look,look!)chool ia fun)chool ia greatHe'a a teacher He is latel tri:ffi5',*'$ffiri :-i ,rcT_l,pg "9lry(\€i'l)\7./--a-l\zr, (l] x\.vJl#1'rcT_l's job?m [email protected] tE-l-t23

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