Đề cương ôn tập HK1 Tiếng Anh 10 năm 2018 – 2019 trường Yên Hòa – Hà Nội

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Đề cương ôn tập HK1 Tiếng Anh 10 năm 2018 – 2019 trường Yên Hòa – Hà Nội, đề cương gồm 12 trang trình bày các đơn vị kiến thức Tiếng Anh 10 cần nắm, hệ thống câu hỏi và bài tập trắc nghiệm – tự luận Tiếng Anh 10 tiêu biểu và nhiều khả năng xuất hiện trong đề thi để các em tự rèn luyện

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1 YEN HOA HIGH SCHOOL IN PREPARATION FOR THE FIRST SEMESTER TEST SCHOOL YEAR: 2018 – 2019 ENGLISH 10 NAME: _________________________ CLASS: _________________________ PART A: CONTENT THEMES LANGUAGE FOCUS 1. Family Life 2. Your body and You 3. Music 4. For a Better Community 5. Invention 1. Verb Tenses: The present simple vs. the present continuous The future simple with WILL vs. BE GOING TO The past simple vs. the past continuous The present perfect 2. The active and the passive 3. Compound sentences 4. Adjective suffixes: -ed vs. –ing; -ful vs. –less 5. Gerunds and Infinitives PART B: FORMAT Time allowed: 45 minutes I. PHONETICS (5) Word stress (2) Pronunciation (3) II. VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR STRUCTURES (20) Vocabulary related to the themes (6) Grammar structures and language function (10) Synonym (2) Antonym (2) III. READING COMPREHENSION (5) IV. CLOZE TEXT (5) V. WORD FORM (5)2 VI. VERB TENSES (5) VII. SENTENCE TRANSFORMATION (5) PART C: PRACTICE EXERCISE 1: Find the word with a stress pattern that is different from the others. 1. A. platinum B. popular C. charity D. creative 2. A. biography B. incredible C. necessary D. community 3. A. contest B. format C. debut D. remote 4. A. phenomenon B. territory C. television D. patriotism 5. A. album B. release C. anthem D. service 6. A. contestant B. attachment C. volunteer D. deceiving 7. A. advertisement B. entertainment C. professional D. necessity 8. A. Franchise B. urban C. adult D. hopeless 9. A. opportunity B. Inspirational C. organization D. competition 10. A. ordinary B. disadvantage C. ignorant D. obvious EXERCISE 2: Find the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. 1. A. passionate B. fortunate C. estimate D. eliminate 2. A. superstar B. basic C. season D. second 3. A. successful B. passion C. process D. careless 4. A. best B. suggestion C. request D. interest 5. A. singer B. finger C. bingo D. mingle 6. A. medicine B. reference C. dedicated D. personal 7. A. area B. available C. facility D. approach 8. A. patient B. donate C. relationship D. apply 9. A. audition B. audience C. aunt D. August 10. A. remote B. both C. cost D. ghost EXERCISE 3: Choose the best answer to completes these sentences 1. Quan Ho singing is a Vietnamese style of ____ . A. folk music B. classical music C. country music D. pop music3 2. I ___ every Tuesday afternoon at the Happy Mind Charity Center. A. voluntary B. volunteer C. volunteering D. voluntarily 3. A new educational program has been set up for economically ___ children. A. disadvantaged B. disabled C. handicapped D. complicated 4. I got this job completely by ___. A. hand B. the time C. surprise D. chance 5. Grandpa's becoming quite ___. He sometimes forgets whether he said things or not. A. narrow-minded B. open-minded C. single-minded D. absent-minded 6. Environmental ___ has increased dramatically over the past decade. A. Reason B. awareness C. society D. experience 7. Teachers complain of being ___. A. well-paid B. under-paid C. low income D. high income 8. My old head teacher said he would write me a glowing ____. A. cover letter B. biography C. reference D. application 9. She fought against racism all her life and died a ___ to the cause. A. Disabled B. invalid C. martyr D. donor 10. If you look out of the window on the left of the bus, you'll see that we're now ____ the Tower of London. A. approaching B. coming C. going D. running 11. 'Do you think Margaret will take the job you offered her'?' 'I don't know. She seemed _____ in it, however. A. interest B. interesting C. interested D. interestingly 12. 'The students all went to the circus yesterday.' I heard it was really _____ A. amused B. amusing C. amuse D. amusingly 13. It was _____ that Jan couldn't come to the party.' 'Her boss made her work overtime.' A. disappointing B. disappointedly C. disappoint D. disappointed 14. 'What a terrible football game!' I thought it was _____ A. delightful B. delighting C. delight D. delighted 15. 'How _____ we are to hear that you got the scholarship!' `Thank you. It was really a surprise.' A. pleasing B. pleased C. pleasingly D. please4 16. 'Professor Allen's class is the best I have ever been to." – “I think it's _____” A. the most boring B. the most boringly C. the most bored D. most bored 17. 'I can't believe that Jim is marrying the vice-president's daughter.' `That they would get married is _____ A. surprised B. surprisingly C. surprising D. surprise 18. 'How does Jane like her new car? 'She's _____ with it. A. delighted B. delighting C. delight D. delightful 19. 'You look nervous.' This thunder makes me_____. A. scary B. scare C. scaring D. scared 20. I think the way Jessica behaved was quite _____"Yes, I think so.' A. shock B. shocked C. shocking D. shockingly 21. Last Sunday, our volunteer team _____ a lot of food packages to homeless people in the flood-hit region. A. were bringing B. brought C. have brought D. had brought 22. I _____ Maria for the first time at the Heart- to- Heart Charity Office. A. saw B. was seeing C. was seen D. has seen 23. We _____ the roof for Mrs. Smith, an elderly childless woman, when it _____with rain. A. were mending – was pouring B. mended – poured C. mended – was pouring D. were mending – poured 24. Tom said that he could _____me with this assignment. A. helped B. helping C. to help D. help 25. John made me _____ a lot with his hilarious jokes. A. laughing B. to laugh C. laugh D. laughed 26. I’d like _____ all of you to enjoy my party on this Friday. A. to invite B. inviting C. invite D. not invite 27. My family really loves Japanese food, _____ we order it twice a week. A. yet B. so C. but D. nor5 28. Smoking is extremely detrimental to health, _____ many people continue to smoke anyway. A. nor B. so C. yet D. then 29. Listen ! There’s someone at the door. I _____ the door for you. A. am going to open B. am opening C. open D. will open 30. I _____ my parents at the weekend. I already bought a train ticket. A. visit B. am going to visit C. visited D. will visit 31. It _____that half of your plate should consist of vegetables and fruit. A. is suggested B. is suggesting C. suggesting D. suggests 32. Foods _____ into energy in the digestive system. A. are broke down and converted B. are broken down and converted C. break down and convert D. broken down and converted Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions. 33. Becoming a super star performing on stage was my burning desire when I was a teenager. A. Well-known painter B. famous singer C. good writer D. famous composer 34. We were surprised to know that over 150000 fans packed into the stadium to support Vietnamese football team. A. people B. admires C. visitors D. watchers 35. But for your support, our band couldn’t have won the Grand Music competition. A. show B. quiz C. contest D. tour 36. If you want to become a well-known singer, you need to have a unique selling point, a way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. A. genius B. infamous C. renowned D. new6 Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions. 37. It’s incredible that his new song leads the Billboard hot 100 chart only in 3 days. A. beyond belief B. believable C. implausible D. unbelievable 38. She was given a prize for her achievement in classical and traditional music. A. success B. feat C. failure D. accomplishment 39. To have chance to enter the final round, you have to eliminate lots of competitors. A. retain B. remove C. restrict D. reject 40. It is undeniable that instrument innovations hit the right note in 2013 with the 3D, printed guitar, the AT- 200 guitar, the seaboard grand and the wheel harp. A. growth B. modernization C. revolution D. stagnation EXERCISE 4: Use the correct tense (Past simple or Past Continuous) of the verbs in bracket to complete these sentences 1. When Don _____ (arrive) we _____ (have) coffee. 2. He _____ (sit down) on a chair while I _____ (paint) it. 3. The students _____ (play) a game when the professor _____ (arrive) 4. Felix _____ (phone) the fire brigade when the cooker _____ (catch) fire. 5. While he _____ (walk) in the mountains Henry _____ (see) a bear. 6. When the starter _____ (fire) his pistol, the race _____ (begin). 7. I _____ (walk) home when it _____ (start) to rain 8. When Margaret _____ (open) the door, the phone _____ (ring). 9. He _____ (sit) in the garden when a wasp _____ (sting) him on the nose. 10. While he _____ (run) for a bus, he _____ (collide) with a lamp post. EXERCISE 5: Put the verb into the correct form, present perfect or past simple. 1. I don’t know where Amy is. _____ (you/see) her? 2. When I _____ ( get ) home last night, I _____ (be) very tired and I _____ (go) straight to bed. 3. Your car looks very clean. _____ (you/wash) it? 4. George _____ ( not/be) very well last week.7 5. Mr. Clark _____ ( work) in a bank for 15 years. Then he gave it up. 6. Molly lives in Dublin. She _____ (live) there all her life. 7. “_____ (you/ go) to the cinema last night?” “Yes, but it _____ (be) a mistake. The film _____ (be) awful. 8. My grandfather _____ (die) 30 years ago. I _____ (never/meet) him. 9. I don’t know Carol’s husband. I _____ (never/meet) him. 10. A: Is your father at home? B. No, I’m afraid he _____ (go) out. A: When exactly _____ ( he/ go) out? B: About ten minutes ago. EXERCISE 6: Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets 1. I arranged (meet)_____ them here. 2. I wish (see) _____ the manager. 3. He warned her (not touch) _____ the wire. 4. Don't forget (lock) _____ the door before (go) _____ to bed. 5. My mother told me (not speak) _____ to anyone about it. 6. He tried (explain) _____ but she refused (listen) _____. 7. You are expected (know) _____the safety regulations of the college. 8. He decided (disguise) _____himself by (dress) _____ as a woman. 9. I am prepared (wait) _____here all night if necessary. 10. I regret (inform) _____you that your application has been refused. 11. Mrs. Smith: I don't allow my family (smoke) _____ at all. 12. I tried (persuade) _____him (agree) _____ with your proposal. 13. People used (make) _____ fire by (rub) _____ two sticks together. 14. I advise you (start) _____ (look) _____ for a flat at once. 15. She likes her children (go) _____ to the dentist every six months. 16. An instructor is coming (show) _____us how (use) _____ the aqualung. 17. Some people seem (have) _____a passion for (write) _____ tithe newspapers. 18. He expects me (answer) _____by return but I have no intention of (reply) _____ at all. 19. I tried (explain) _____ to him but he refused (listen) _____ and went on (grumble) _____ . 20. It wouldn't be safe (start) _____down now; we'll have (wait) _____ till the mist clears. EXERCISE 7: Choose the correct word. 1. At first I thought Jake was an interesting/ interested guy. But tonight I somewhat boring/ bored with his company. 2. She has really learnt very fast. She has made astonishing/ astonished progress. 3. It was very disappointing/ disappointed not to get the job. 4. Philip was exceptionally annoying/ annoyed at Joanne's behavior.8 5. 1 thought the program on wildlife was fascinating/ fascinated. I was absolutely fascinating/ fascinated. 6. We were thrilling/ thrilled to hear your good news. 7. It was really terrifying/ terrified experience. Afterwards everybody was very shocking/ shocked. 8. The journey took all day and night. They found it very tiring/ tired 9. Did Tim feel frightening/ frightened when he saw the snake at his feet? 10. Why do you always look so boring/ bored? Is your life really so boring/ bored? EXERCISE 8: Add suffixes -ful or –less to the italicized words to complete each sentence. 1. How could you be so care_____ as to lose your wallet? 2. The weather was beauti_____ so we went for a walk. 3. Yesterday we had a wonder_____dinner at a Spanish restaurant. 4. I am going to give some clothes to the home_____. 5. That little boy is absolutely fear_____ He isn’t afraid of anything. 6. Thank you so much! You were really help_____ to me. 7. I passed all of my English exams. I was success_____ for the first time. 8. Out pet is a hair_____ cat. We bought it from a Russian man. 9. That man is completely friend_____. He hasn’t got any friends at all. 10. I spent a sleep_____ night worrying about you! Where have you been? EXERCISE 9: Write a single word ending with –ful or –less to complete each sentence. 1. Martha thought she was _____at math. (without hope) 2. Don’t be afraid of the dog – It’s _____ (without harm) 3. Pop said the lawnmower was a _____ piece of junk. (without any worth) 4. Pete was _____that his project would do well at the Science fair. (full of hope) 5. The _____rainbow seemed to be just over the next hill. (full of beauty) 6. The medicine was white and _____ (without any odor) 7. Mom said it was _____to see Robert swimming so confidently. (full of wonder) 8. Please be _____when you go into the forest and don’t pick any of the mushrooms. (full of care) EXERCISE 10: Use for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so to combine the two sentences into one compound sentence. 1. Peter drove to visit his friend. They went out for dinner.9 ____________________________________________________________________. 2. Mary thinks she should go to school. She wants to get qualifications for a new profession. ____________________________________________________________________. 3. Alan invested a lot of money in the business. The business went bankrupt. ____________________________________________________________________. 4. Doug didn't understand the homework assignment. He asked the teacher for help. ____________________________________________________________________. 5. The students didn't prepare for the test. They didn't realize how important the test was. ____________________________________________________________________. 6. Susan thinks she should stay home and relax. She also thinks she should go on vacation. ____________________________________________________________________. 7. The doctors looked at the x-rays. They decided to operate on the patient. ____________________________________________________________________. 8. We went out on the town. We came home late. ____________________________________________________________________. 9. Jack flew to London to visit his Uncle. He also wanted to visit the National Museum. ____________________________________________________________________. 10. It is sunny. It is very cold. ____________________________________________________________________. EXERCISE 11: Write a word from the box in each gap. You can use each word more than once. Already before ever for just recently since so still until yet 1. I’ve _______realized what’s different! You’ve changed your hair. 2. My grandmother’s been quite ill _______, so she’s coming to stay with us for a week or two. 3. We’ve had broadband at home _______about 2005. 4. Have you really finished your homework _______? Okay, you can watch TV, then. 5. We’ve won every match we’ve played _______far this season. 6. I’ve always lived in a big house _______now, so it’s taking some time to get used to being in a small flat. 7. We can’t cancel the party now – I’ve _______invited everyone! 8. How long has Sue gone abroad _______? 9. Don’t get Mathew that game; I’m pretty sure he’s got it _______. 10. Have you _______thought of going onto business on your own?10 EXERCISE 12: CLOZE TEXT Choose the one option - a, b, c or d - that best completes the passage Everyone loves music, it seems. And there's little reason to wonder why. There is so much music (1) ___from which to choose, and there is a category of music to appeal to every (2) ___ The major groups of music are divided broadly (3) ___ classical, popular, and jazz. Within these broad groups are many other subcategories. For example, (4) ___ disparate types of music as movie sound tracks, rhythm and blue, rock, and rap all fit within the category of popular music. Another reason that music is so (5) ___ is the variety of settings in which one can enjoy his or her (6) ___ kind of music. You can go to the church to hear great religious music, or to the concert hall to hear a well-known classical (7) ___ On another right, you might go to the small club to listen to an up- and-coming jazz group (8) ___you enjoy a drink. A few nights later, you might go with some friends to join thousands of other people in a (9) ___ to hear your favorite rock band play in your city on a world tour. And, back at your house or apartment, you can (10) ___ while you put in a tape or CD and listen to your favorite artists again and again in your own home. 1. A. convenient B. available C. accessible D. required 2. A. want B. desire C. interest D. taste 3. A. on b: in C. into D. up 4. A. so B. some C. any D. such 5. A. familiar B. popular C. famous D. cheerful 6. A. favorite B. best C. ideal D. selected 7. A. music B. symphony C. ballad D. category 8. A. during B. where C. while D. which 9. A. stadium B. theater C. stage D. discotheque 10. A. prefer B. appeal C. relax D. interest EXERCISE 13: READING COMPREHENSION Read the text carefully, then choose the correct answers. A YEAR WITH OVERSEAS VOLUNTEERS I was with Overseas Volunteers (OV) for a year after leaving university, and I was sent to an isolated village in Chad, about. 500 km from the capital N'Djamena. Coming from a rich country, I got quite a shock as conditions were much harder than I had expected. But after a few days I soon got used to living there. The people were always very friendly and helpful, and soon I began to appreciate how beautiful the countryside was.11 One of my jobs was to supply the village with water. The well was a long walk away. And the women used to spend a long time every day carrying heavy pots backwards and forwards. So I contacted organization and arranged to have some pipes delivered. We built a simple pipeline and a pump, and it worked first time. It wasn't perfect - there were a few leaks, but it made a great difference to the villagers, who had never had running water before. And not only did we have running water, but in the evenings it was hot, because the pipe had been lying in the sun all day. All in all, I think my time with OV was a good experience. Although it was not well-paid, it was well worth doing, and I would recommend it to anyone who was considering working for a charity. 1. The author ____ A. has been working for OV for a year B. is living in the capital N'Djamena C. was born in a rich family D. used to be a volunteer working in a remote village 2. How did the author feel when he arrived in the village? A. surprised B. impressed C. disappointed D. depressed 3. Which of the following is not true? A. It took a lot of time to take water home from the well. B. The villagers used to live in conditions without running water. C. A pipeline. was built to carry clean water to homes. D. Solar energy was used to heat water. 4. The word 'it' in paragraph 2 refers to___________ A. running water B. the pump C. the pipeline D. the supply of water 5. What does the author think about his time with OV? A. It was paid a lot of money. B. It was not worth working. C. It wasted time. D. It provided good experience EXERCISE 14: SENTENCE-TRANSFORMATION Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one 1. Mr. Dryden mended the washing machine. → The washing _________________________________________________________ 2. The room is so small that we can’t live in it. (Using too…to) → The room ___________________________________________________________12 3. He arrived in the middle of our lunch time. (Using while) → He _________________________________________________________________ 4. Peter started playing the piano when he was 6. → Peter has___________________________________________________________ 5. A temporary manager is running the shop at the moment. → The shop ___________________________________________________________ EXERCISE 15: Give the correct form of the given words to complete each sentence. 1. The young pop star looks _____ (PASSION) on stage. 2. Pelé was a _____ (TALENT) football player. 3. Britney Spear is one of my favorite _____ (ART). 4. We'll have to walk _____ (QUICK) to get there on time. 5. In tonight's quiz, our _____ (CONTEST) have come from all over the country. 6. There's a lot of _____ (COMPETE) between computer companies. 7. Tien Quan Ca became the _____ (NATION) anthem of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. 8. Mozart is one of the greatest _____ (COMPOSE) of all time. 9. He was such an _____ (INSPIRE) leader in our company. 10. The magazine is aimed at _____ (TEEN) and young adults. THE END!

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