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ETS Summer Toeic 2021 Mới nhất | Download sách ETS 2021 RC. ETS Summer Toeic 2021 được ví như bộ tài liệu vàng dành cho thí sinh target 500-550. Bạn đang chưa biết chinh phục Toeic từ đâu nhất định đừng bỏ qua bộ tài liệu này nhé.

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ETS Summer Toeic 2021 Mới nhất | Download sách ETS 2021 RC. 101. Mr. Sokolov ------- a positive review of his stay at the Olana Hotel. 102. The manager often leads new employees through the safety procedures -------. 103. The corporate fitness center is equipped -------fourteen stationary bicycles. 104. Professor Phuong will go over the use of the laboratory ------- with the interns next week.105. Arnby Cable ------- €25.00 to all Internet subscribers after the weeklong service interruption.106. The board of directors will meet next Monday to examine the current hiring -------.107. Passengers should not leave their seats ------- a flight attendant gives them permission to do so. 108. The goal of the committee was to evaluate the company's bylaws and offer ------- for improvement.109. The building's new ventilation system circulates heat much ------- than before. 110. Glowood Appliances promises customers their money back ------ they are not satisfied with their purchase.111. The theater doors will close and the show will start at precisely 8:00 p.m., so guests are reminded to be --------. 112. All vacation requests must be made to your supervisor ------- the requested date.113. Most banks now offer clients the option of receiving their statements electronically or -------mail. 114. Construction at Langhall Plaza is going so well that shops might open before the expected ------- date. 115. Kohmek, Inc., is seeking a suitable site ------- the construction of its electronics factory. 116. Studies show that the average audience forms its ------- of the speaker within the first few seconds of the presentation.117. Mr. Cutler has been asked to ------ domestic sales of low-calorie beverages.118. Cranford Culinary Academy offers 35 different classes for ------ chefs119. -------, items sold at the Scottville Craft Fair are unique and of very high quality120. Mamton Home Furnishings -------- customized furniture in Pennsylvania for more than a century.121. Please hold any phone calls for Ms. Tanaka -------- she will be in meetings all day. 122. Dolores Gutierrez excels as an estate planning attorney who helps clients manage their assets ------123. Mr. Singh was ------- about sales of the fragrance after the first round of customer focus groups.124. Data from the finance department was used to ------- predict the company's future expenses.125. Immediately after the decrease in production was announced, everyone began discussing how ------- would impact work schedules. 126. Every year Arrow Mill, Inc., processes a ------- amount of grain.127. Tomorrow morning, both escalators in the store will be turned off periodically in order to perform ------ maintenance. 128. Those who wish to volunteer at the annual Sebastian Park flower-planting event this Saturday ------- to arrive early. 129. Although Mr. Yanamura's theory is -------controversial, it does help explain the latest changes in the market. 130. A recent ------- found that property values in the Agate Valley region had increased by 3 percent between January and June.

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