Đề thi thử TOEIC sát đề thi thật 2021 kèm đáp án - Test 2

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Đề thi thử TOEIC sát đề thi thật 2021 kèm đáp án - Test 2

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2LISTENING TEST In the Listening Test, you will be asked to demonstrate how well you understand spoken Eng\lish. The entire Listening Test will last approximately 45 minutes. There are four parts, and directions are given for each part. You must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do not write your answers in your test book.PART 1Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a pi\cture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one stateme\nt that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken \only one time. Example Statement (C), “He is sitting on the chair.” is the best description of the picture, so you should select answer (C) and mark it on your answer sheet.Sample AnswerADCB32.1.GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE44.3.55.6.GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE6PART 2Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in Engli\sh. They will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time. \Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A), (B), or (C) on \your answer sheet. . your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.7PART 3Directions: You will hear some conversations between two or more people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversati\on. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (\D) on your answer sheet. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken o\nly one time.32. Where most likely are the speakers?(A) At a fitness center(B) At a hospital(C) In a meeting room(D) In a park 33. Why did the woman decide to start jogging?(A) To follow her doctor’s suggestion(B) To relieve stress(C) To take up a hobby(D) To spend time outdoors34. What does the man offer to get for the woman?(A) An exercise routine(B) A guest pass (C) A piece of sportswear(D) A class schedule35. What are the speakers mainly discussing?(A) A stereo(B) A kitchen appliance(C) A vehicle(D) A musical instrument 36. What does the woman explain about the item?(A) It has minor defects. (B) It is brand new.(C) It is unavailable now.(D) It has missing parts.37. What does the woman offer to do?(A) Lower a price(B) Provide a delivery(C) Perform some repairs(D) Test the item 38. What is the conversation mainly about?(A) A flight time(B) Missing luggage (C) A hotel service(D) Gate changes39. What does the man say he will do tomorrow?(A) Lead a tour(B) Buy some clothes(C) Give a presentation (D) Visit another city40. What does the woman recommend that the man do?(A) Check into a hotel(B) Return at a later time(C) Book a plane ticket(D) Read about a company policy 41. Where most likely does the woman work?(A) At a post office(B) At a restaurant(C) At a print shop (D) At a hotel42. What has changed about an event?(A) Its ceremony order(B) Its venue (C) The room type(D) The catering menu43. What does the woman ask the man to do?(A) Update his order online (B) Use lighter ink(C) Book another room(D) Submit a credit card paymentGO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE844. How did the woman find out about the lecture?(A) By getting an e-mail(B) By receiving an invitation(C) By reading a newspaper(D) By seeing a poster 45. What does one of the men offer to do?(A) Give the speakers a ride (B) Go early to save seats(C) Check for tickets online(D) Make a general announcement46. Why does the woman say, “But it’s in the city center”?(A) She is worried about the long drive.(B) She thinks parking will be limited.(C) She doesn’t know the neighborhood well.(D) She believes the location is convenient.47. What is the purpose of the man’s visit?(A) To deliver a package(B) To open a bank account(C) To interview for a job (D) To repair an entrance door48. What is the man asked to do?(A) Take a photograph(B) Complete a form (C) Make an appointment(D) Bring a pen49. What department is the woman going to call?(A) Marketing(B) Security(C) Sales(D) Personnel 50. Where does the woman most likely work?(A) At a radio station(B) At a theater (C) At a medical clinic(D) At a warehouse51. What does the man request?(A) A refund(B) A seating change (C) An online receipt(D) A voucher52. What does the man agree to do?(A) Reserve more seats(B) Visit at a different time(C) See a specialist(D) Pay extra money 53. What has the woman been asked to do?(A) Print some brochures(B) Make repairs to a printer(C) Set up a coffee maker(D) Sort brochures into piles54. What does the man mean when he says, “You’re not alone”?(A) He submitted his design ideas.(B) He has hired the woman an assistant.(C) He offers to help the woman.(D) He agrees with the woman’s opinion.55. What does the man suggest doing?(A) Attending a meeting(B) Calling Ms. Reeves(C) Proofreading a document(D) Preparing some images956. What is the woman trying to do?(A) Purchase some travel tickets(B) Arrange a work schedule(C) Get someone to cover her shift(D) Select a vacation destination57. Why does the man say, “I’m meeting a new client”?(A) He thinks a team can meet a goal.(B) He wants to get advice from the woman.(C) He cannot complete a task today.(D) He asks to change a meeting time.58. When will the woman email the man?(A) Next Monday(B) Next Tuesday(C) Next Wednesday(D) Next Friday 59. Where are the speakers?(A) At a conference(B) At an airport(C) At an office (D) At a computer lab60. Why did the man decide not to attend the final presentation?(A) He wanted to avoid rush hour traffic.(B) He had another appointment.(C) He wanted to contact a computer technician.(D) He had heard it before. 61. What does the man suggest the woman do?(A) Check a calendar(B) Be a panel member (C) Apply for a new job(D) Book a flight62. Who most likely is the woman? (A) A job applicant(B) An artist(C) A photographer(D) An art donor63. What does the woman decide to do while waiting?(A) Leave some items with the man(B) Take a tour of the building(C) Purchase an art piece(D) Wait in the cafeteria64. What does the man give the woman?(A) An entry pass(B) A gallery map(C) An employee name(D) A telephone numberGO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE10Weekly Schedule: Jan. 6–12Cannon HallJanuary 7Munson Center January 9Turley Theater January 9Acosta Hotel January 1165. Who most likely is the man?(A) A caterer(B) A photographer(C) A public speaker(D) A musician66. Look at the graphic. Which site will most likely have its appointment changed?(A) Cannon Hall(B) Munson Center(C) Turley Theater(D) Acosta Hotel67. What does the woman offer to do?(A) Provide some equipment(B) Contact some clients(C) Find the man an assistant(D) Prepare a contractTwo-Wheel SuppliesOrder #5960Item QuantitySmall Helmet 15Steel U-Lock 25Safety Light Set 30Medium Helmet 4068. What is the purpose of the call?(A) To explain an issue(B) To place an order(C) To confirm an address(D) To introduce a service69. Look at the graphic. Which quantity on the form will be changed?(A) 15(B) 25(C) 30(D) 40 70. What will the man send the woman information about?(A) A delivery time(B) A total price(C) A delivery fee(D) A return policy11PART 4Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best resp\onse to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. \The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.71. Who is the speaker?(A) A security guard(B) A museum director(C) A factory worker(D) A guide 72. According to the speaker, what will the listeners do first?(A) Hike a mountain(B) Study a map(C) View a film(D) Attend a lecture73. What does the speaker suggest?(A) Writing down some notes(B) Bringing warm clothes (C) Staying together as a group(D) Taking many photographs74. Where is the announcement being made?(A) At an outdoor concert (B) At a convenience store(C) At a sporting event(D) At a recycling center75. What are listeners asked to do?(A) Find their seats(B) Applaud a band(C) Send postcards(D) Collect recyclable items76. What can listeners buy at the booth?(A) Tickets(B) Souvenir brochures(C) Clothes(D) Music CDs 77. What is the speaker in charge of doing?(A) Setting up a display(B) Leading a discussion(C) Advertising a sale(D) Greeting customers78. Why does the speaker say, “everyone knows that brand”?(A) He has an idea for increasing profits.(B) He is rejecting a suggestion.(C) He wants to order more items.(D) He thinks the ad was successful.79. What will the speaker most likely do next?(A) Answer the listeners’ questions(B) Pass out product samples(C) Distribute some documents(D) Introduce an employee from Larosa Inc. 80. Who is the message intended for?(A) A mortgage lender(B) A tenant(C) A plumber(D) A real estate agent 81. What does the speaker say about the bathroom?(A) It has a jacuzzi.(B) It should be repaired.(C) It is newly installed.(D) It is too small.82. What does the speaker want to discuss?(A) A repair estimate(B) A method of promotion(C) A selling price (D) A construction planGO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE1283. What is the purpose of the call?(A) To purchase an item(B) To give an update(C) To request an address(D) To report an error84. Why does the speaker say, “We’re out of luck”?(A) An item has been discontinued.(B) A price has gone up.(C) Some merchandise was damaged.(D) A product is out of stock.85. What does the speaker say she will do?(A) Call back later(B) Order a different item(C) Email a Web site link(D) Send a catalog86. What business is the speaker advertising?(A) A tailor shop (B) A daycare center(C) A beauty shop(D) A fitness center87. According to the speaker, what do the customers like about the business?(A) Its state-of-the-art facilities(B) Its casual atmosphere(C) Its customized service (D) Its working hours88. What will happen next week?(A) Local celebrities will visit the store.(B) Operating hours will be extended. (C) All staff members will go on a vacation.(D) Free shirts will be given. 89. What is the main topic of the talk?(A) Staff changes(B) Computer errors(C) Survey results (D) Book prices90. What did the library add last month?(A) A book search system (B) A weekly workshop series(C) A new bookshelf(D) A simplified online catalog91. What does the speaker ask the employees about?(A) Where to install a coffee booth(B) Whom to invite for a guest lecture(C) Which new books to order(D) How many bookshelves to remove Topic PresenterDress Code Cynthia HeasleyOnline Activities Dalila EspositoAttendance Shen TsaoPhone Usage Lloyd Frost92. Why did the speaker arrange the meeting?(A) To promote a corporation(B) To train new employees(C) To introduce a colleague(D) To discuss policy changes93. Look at the graphic. Which speaker will probably have the longest presentation?(A) Ms. Heasley(B) Ms. Esposito(C) Mr. Tsao(D) Mr. Frost94. What will the listeners most likely do next?(A) See the first presenter(B) Ask the speaker questions(C) Take a vote(D) Review a handout13This is the end of the Listening test. Turn to Part 5 in your test book.Proposed ProjectEstimated CostBaseball Fields $80,000Swimming Pool Upgrade $100,000City Hall Renovation $250,000Community Garden $350,00095. What has the organization done recently?(A) Won a festival contest(B) Changed its leadership(C) Recruited more members(D) Held a fundraiser96. Look at the graphic. How much will the organization pay for a project?(A) $80,000(B) $100,000(C) $250,000(D) $350,00097. According to the speaker, when will the project begin?(A) In January(B) In February(C) In May(D) In June 98. What most likely is Ms. Schneider’s business?(A) A restaurant (B) An appliance store(C) A real estate agency(D) A furniture store99. What is mentioned about the building?(A) It has large rooms.(B) Its selling price is low.(C) It was built recently.(D) Its location is popular.100. Look at the graphic. Where does the speaker want to meet Ms. Schneider?(A) At 1795 Thomas Road(B) At 1798 Thomas Road(C) At 1801 Thomas Road(D) At 1804 Thomas RoadGO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE14READING TESTIn the Reading Test, you will read a variety of texts and answer several different types of readingcomprehension questions. The entire Reading Test will last 75 minutes. There are three parts,and directions are given for each part. You are encouraged to answer as many questions aspossible within the time allowed.You must mark your answers on the separated answer sheet. Do not write yo\ur answers in the test book.PART 5Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices aregiven below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the senten\ce. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet.101. Managers should motivate the staff members of ------- teams to meet higher performance goals.(A) theirs(B) their (C) themselves(D) they102. Tourists can find some inexpensive hotels ------- to Allah Valley Airport. (A) quick(B) short(C) brief(D) close 103. The board will review Huilang’s ------- for the position of quality control director at the monthly meeting.(A) qualified(B) qualifications (C) qualifier(D) qualifies104. An experienced consultant, Ms. Hernandez has worked ------- international customers across Europe.(A) with (B) about(C) from(D) onto 105. Because of opening new branches, Kendal Inc. expects to employ ------- sales representatives this year. (A) additions(B) additional (C) addition(D) additionally106. Todez Fashion Group’s stocks have almost ------- in price over the past 6 months.(A) exceeded(B) duplicated(C) doubled (D) seconded107. The new hybrid truck from JQ Motors runs much more ------- than a standard package delivery truck.(A) quieter(B) quietly (C) quietness(D) quietest108. Parcels which arrive after business hours should be ------- to 26 Saint Avenue. (A) delivering(B) deliver(C) delivered (D) delivers15109. Yolo Apparel doesn’t have plans for openings for now, ------- the corporation expects to be recruiting at the end of the month.(A) but (B) once(C) or(D) that110. To process your claim quickly, please include your customer identification number on all -------. (A) correspond(B) are corresponding(C) correspondence (D) correspondent111 . Orchards in Beringen Town have been growing more grapes for the past two years, ------- peaches are more common in the region.(A) whether(B) both(C) although (D) either112. Sales associates have to log in with an ID and a 5-digit pin ------- the customer data.(A) are accessing(B) accessible(C) have access(D) to access 113. Presenters are required to speak ------- so that every participant in the seminar can hear them. (A) instantly(B) increasingly(C) loudly (D) actually114. Nearly 2,700 residents of Gassville took part in the opening ceremony for the new stadium honoring ------- James Watson.(A) founds(B) found(C) founder (D) founded 115. Harrison Duncan has ------- finished completing the proposal for the company Web site renovation. (A) soon(B) ever(C) near(D) almost 116. Sydney-based Roland Farms, a health care product manufacturer, has increased its market share ------- the Asian-Pacific region. (A) next(B) between(C) except(D) across 117. It is important to show respect for your business counterparts at a meeting by ------- formally.(A) dressing (B) dress(C) have dressed(D) dressed118. Motorcycles produced by ESM Automotive are more affordable and use ------- fuel than any previous models. (A) limited(B) less (C) lower(D) little119. The KR Publishing’s new magazine will target all junior golfers aged 8 to 18 years -------. (A) exclude(B) exclusion(C) exclusively (D) exclusive120. ------- parades scheduled on the weekend, most of the residents will experience traffic congestion in the area. (A) Even though(B) Otherwise(C) Whereas(D) Due to GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE16121. Because of inclement weather, Friday’s outdoor movie screenings have been ------- and rescheduled for next Friday. (A) eliminated(B) implemented(C) postponed (D) prolonged122. Some major renovations, including additions to ------- structures, require approval from the local government. (A) existence(B) exist(C) existed(D) existing 123. Although admission to the Madison Art Museum is free of charge, visitors are recommended to ------- money to the museum.(A) donate (B) support(C) apply(D) commit124. ------- the number of application forms received every year, it takes quite a long time to review them. (A) Other than(B) Given (C) Even if(D) Unless125. In order to avoid a cancellation fee, a reservation must be cancelled at least 48 hours ------- the arrival day. (A) in advance of (B) regardless of(C) subsequent to(D) in accordance with 126. When ------- stains from delicate fabrics, take extra care because rubbing threads often weakens them.(A) removes(B) remove(C) removing (D) removed127. Participants in the World Forum will discuss the ------- of reduced oil prices that could affect both the energy industry and the economy.(A) solutions(B) consequences (C) reactions(D) appearances128. The products you ordered can be shipped as a package or -------. (A) separation(B) separating(C) to separate(D) separately 129. With the prepaid plans with unlimited data from ESA Wireless, customers don’t have to ------- about being surprised by costly data charges.(A) suggest(B) distract(C) dislike(D) worry 130. According to the recent statistics, the youth unemployment rate in Japan is the ------- on record. (A) widest(B) farthest(C) fastest(D) highest17Date: April 12From: Frank Martin, Office ManagerTo: All StaffSubject: Building improvementsA work crew has been hired to install new flooring throughout the building this weekend, April 15 and 16. The workers ------ the worn tile flooring that has been giving our office an outdated appearance. This is something that has been needed for a long time. The ------ is expected to take two full days, so we ask that you refrain from coming to the office that weekend. It will be much easier for the crew to work without interruptio\ns. ------ Therefore, please remove everything except computer equipment from your desk and place it \in a box before you leave work on Friday. Our security team will be on-site ------ the weekend, so your personal belongings will be secure. Thank you for your cooperation.PART 6Directions: Read the texts that follow. A word, phrase, or sentence is missing in parts of each text. Four answer choices for each question are given below the text. Se\lect the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet.Questions 131-134 refer to the following memo.131. (A) are being replaced(B) have replaced(C) will replace (D) were replacing132. (A) charge(B) process (C) permit(D) situation 133. (A) Employees’ desks will be moved to accommodate the work. (B) You are free to take work files home with you if needed.(C) The renovation has been funded by our quarterly profits.(D) Please feel free to direct questions or concerns to me.134. (A) regarding (B) with(C) around(D) throughout 131.132. 133.134.GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE18To: Heather Carpenter <[email protected]>From: Jacqueline Simard <[email protected]>Date: July 6Subject: Small Business EntrepreneursDear Ms. Carpenter,It was an honor having you as ------ of the guest speakers at the Conference for Small Business Entrepreneurs last year. I have received many positive comments about your talk from those in attendance. Your insights into expanding the customer base were extremely helpful. ------This fall, we will begin recording a video series for our Web site. I’m contacting ------ speakers to see if they’re interested in participating in this project. You would receive compensation for your time as well as exposure to thousands of small business owners. The filming will take place from September 4 to October 20. If you are interested, please let me know which ------ would be best for the film crew to visit you.Sincerely,Jacqueline SimardPresident, Small Business EntrepreneursQuestions 135-138 refer to the following e-mail.135. (A) other(B) some(C) one (D) anybody136. (A) Therefore, we expect high attendance at the conference.(B) Please send me the notes about this topic in advance.(C) In fact, I’ve applied those principles to increasing our membership. (D) It is important for customers to share their ideas. 137. (A) actual(B) previous (C) encouraged(D) routine138. (A) strategies(B) settings(C) clips(D) dates Mills339 Wyatt StreetWest Palm Beach, FL 33411Dear Ms. Mills,At Label Publications, we strive to keep you informed of new magazines t\hat may be of interest to you. Since you are a subscriber to Home Decorating Magazine, we believe \you may also like DIY Days. We have created this magazine in response to the ------- interest in Do-It-Yourself projects for the home and garden. Every ------ is packed with step-by-step instructions for projects using a variety of skill levels. From furniture makeovers to unique storage solutions, you’re sure to find something you love. Most of the projects require no special tools. ------ And with our special offer, there’s no better time to give it a try! ------ you will find a voucher for 25% off a one-year subscription to DIY Days. Sincerely,The Label Publications StaffQuestions 139-142 refer to the following letter.139. (A) renewed (B) renewable(C) renewing(D) renewal140. (A) site (B) issue (C) task(D) program 141. (A) That means it’s easy to get started on improving your living space. (B) For your safety, be sure to use them cautiously at all times.(C) They are available with your original subscription to the magazine.(D) The articles are targeted toward people with decorating skills.142. (A) Maintained(B) Enclosed (C) Assigned(D) Guaranteed139.140.141.142.GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE20Questions 143-146 refer to the following e-mail.To: Anthony Brown <[email protected]>From: Jennifer Clary <[email protected]>Date: November 13Subject: Leadership WorkshopDear Mr. Brown,Thank you for sending feedback about the leadership workshop held last w\eek. I appreciate the suggestions you made about how we could improve this training. The sales manager and I ------ them yesterday in preparation for next month’s training session. As you advised, the role-play activities have been extended. We think this change ------ more opportunities for practicing the skills. You also recommended implementing more technology in the workshop. ------ We lack the necessary equipment and would need to get approval for a large-scale purchase. Ple\ase rest assured that we will revisit this issue ------ the next quarter, when the budget resets.Keep up the good work!Jennifer Clary143. (A) offered(B) dismissed(C) confirmed(D) discussed 144. (A) will provide (B) provided(C) is providing(D) has provided 145. (A) Likewise, the trainers should have more experience.(B) Many employees believe this is the case.(C) However, that is difficult to change right away. (D) This is a key factor in the success of the company.146. (A) about(B) beside(C) onto(D) during 146. 145.144. 143.21PART 7Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and \newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is fo\llowed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B)\, (C) or (D) on your answer sheet.Questions 147-148 refer to the following notice.147. For whom is this notice probably intended?(A) Food workers(B) Warehouse employees(C) Medical professionals(D) Children’s day-care workers 148. What are the employees asked to do?(A) Eat snacks whenever possible(B) Wear gloves(C) Answer the phone quickly(D) Take out the trash regularlyEmployees Must Wash Their HandsPlease wash your hands before you prepare food or as often as needed.Wash after you:* use the toilet* touch uncooked meat, poultry, fish, eggs or other raw ingredients* interrupt working with food (such as answering the phone, opening a door or drawer)* eat anything* touch soiled plates, utensils, or equipment* take out trash* touch your nose, mouth, or any part of your bodyDo not touch ready-to-eat foods with your bare hands.* Use gloves, tongs, deli tissue or other serving utensils.* Remove all jewelry, nail polish or false nails unless you wear gloves.GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE22Questions 149-150 refer to the following memo.149. What is the purpose of the memo?(A) To apply for a new job(B) To ask for reviewing renovation schedules(C) To submit a marketing proposal (D) To discuss changes in a construction job 150. What does Mr. Green request that Mr. Carter do?(A) Telephone a repairman (B) Reply to him with opinions (C) Tour the Goryeo Hotel(D) Confirm receipt of 15 pagesFAX TRANSMISSIONRECEIPIENT NUMBER: 8679-369-2424DATE: April 2TO: John Carter, Architect, Happyland and Associates FROM: Mark Green, Manager, BES ConstructionNUMBER: fax: 062-457-8598, phone: 062-457-8597, extension: 96PAGES: 15 (Including cover sheet)Dear Mr. Carter,I hope all is well with you.I have enclosed the blueprints for the addition to the Goryeo Hotel, as you have asked. This latest draft shows the minor modification to the placements of lights, which I have highlighted in blue. Please review these adjustments and give me your feedback. You can reach me using the phone number listed above.Thank you.Mark Green23Questions 151-152 refer to the following notice.151. What is the purpose of the notice?(A) To confirm community room reservations(B) To announce an upcoming meeting (C) To explain a new rule (D) To note a change to an agenda 152. Who most likely will call Ms. Lewis?(A) Those who need a complete meeting agenda(B) Those who received wrong water bills(C) Those who recently moved in Atherton Town(D) Those who submit an issue to the meetingTown Meeting of the Atherton Residents Association.Where: Atherton Town HallWhen: Friday, April 30, 6 P.M.The Town Hall Meeting will provide new rules pertaining Atherton’s Energy Independence Program for property owners to improve electricity and water efficiency, as well as updates on local projects and planning issues.In addition, we will discuss our current construction company building the town bridge. Some people have expressed their concerns, so we will discuss it and we might have to vote on whether to look for another company to build the bridge. If there are other issues that need to be addressed at the meeting, please contact Susan Lewis by 6 P.M. on Friday, April 23. She can be reached at 365-5224 or e-mail, slewis @townofatherton.orgTown Meeting is open to all residents of Atherton. Refreshments will be served.GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE24Questions 153-155 refer to the following letter.153. What is the main purpose of this letter?(A) To discuss a salary increase(B) To plan a European business tour(C) To announce a new assignment(D) To open a new branch in Paris154. Which department is offering Mr. Yamamoto this assignment?(A) Human resources(B) Sales and marketing(C) International affairs(D) Product research and development 155. Which benefit will Mr. Yamamoto receive during his assignment?(A) Airfare for the round trip to Japan(B) A permanent pay increase(C) Use of a company vehicle(D) Corporate housing The Novel Advertising CompanyJapanDear Mr. Yamamoto,I am very pleased to announce that our department is offering you a two-year international assignment in Paris, France. While you are in Paris, you will work in the international marketing section, developing strategies to introduce and market Asian products in Europe. You will report to Ms. Carol Hathaway.As this is an international assignment, you will be entitled to many benefits from Novel Advertising Company. You will continue to hold your position as senior marketing analyst, but you will also receive an additional monthly allowance of 7,000 Euros. Further, you may apply to reside in short-term corporate housing provided by the Paris branch of Novel Advertising Company. The corporate apartments will comfortably house a family of four and are located within walking distance of the downtown office building. Lastly, you can request complimentary airline tickets to any European destination up to five times during your 24 months abroad. Full details regarding these and other benefits will be presented to you upon your December 3 arrival at the Paris office. Your contact with human resources in France will be Ms. Margulies.Contact me as soon as possible if you have any questions regarding your international assignment. I wish you the best of luck in this opportunity.Sincerely,SasakiSales and MarketingThe Novel Advertising Company25Questions 156-157 refer to the following text message chain.156. What can be inferred about Mr. Gaines?(A) He traveled to Oakdale on business.(B) He plans to rent a car at the station.(C) He thinks a train might be delayed further. (D) He upgraded his return train ticket. 157. At 7:51 P.M., what does Mr. Vaughn mean when he writes, “As long as you’re sure”?(A) He believes the station will close at 10:15.(B) He reluctantly agrees not to pick up Mr. Gaines. (C) He thinks there won’t be any taxis at the station.(D) He doubts that Mr. Gaines knows the best place to park.My train from Oakdale has been delayed. We can’t even board yet.Supposedly at 10:15. But they’ve already changed the arrival time twice.Thanks, but there is nowhere to park near the station. I’ll just a take a taxi instead.I am. I’ll call you tomorrow. Maybe we can have lunch or something. It’s not worth waiting around for me, so you don’t have to pick me up. Oh, okay. So what time are you getting in?It’s no problem to pick you up as planned. I’ll just come to the station at 10:15. I don’t mind waiting. As long as you’re sure.7:42 P.M.7:48 P.M.7:50 P.M.7:53 P.M.7:49 P.M.WALTER GAINESWALTER GAINESWALTER GAINESWALTER GAINES WALTER GAINES7:45 P.M.7:49 P.M. 7:51 P.M.PHILIP VAUGHNPHILIP VAUGHNPHILIP VAUGHNGO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE26Questions 158–160 refer to the following e-mail.158. What is the purpose of the e-mail?(A) To convey permission to attend an event (B) To describe the highlights of a conference program(C) To praise an employees’ speech at a conference(D) To confirm note and flight reservations159. What is indicated about Becky Taylor?(A) She will be traveling to Singapore.(B) She is a coordinator in the human resources department.(C) She is promoting Mr. Johnson to a new position.(D) She has asked Mr. Johnson to answer questions at a meeting. 160. What is mentioned about Onetech?(A) It will put new business travel policies into effect in June.(B) Its employees must send reimbursement requests to their division manager.(C) It is sending many of its employees to a technology conference.(D) It keeps records of employees’ professional development activities. Dear Mr. Johnson,Your division manager Becky Taylor has approved your request to attend the Singapore Information Technology Fair in June. Please find the copy of the travel approval document attached. I strongly recommend that you review the Onetech business travel policy. The following three points are very important. So let me remind you again.• I’m sure Ms. Taylor told you this already. You must be ready to present conference highlights, and answer questions people might have at the next division meeting. • A certificate of attendance must be submitted to the Human Resources Department, so we can update your professional development activities. • Keep all your receipts during your travel (including meals, cabs, etc.) and attach them to a copy of travel approval document, and submit it to the payroll department as soon as you come back to the office. Then, the reimbursement can be made in June’s payroll, so you don’t have to wait another month. Have a great trip to Singapore!Irina Shayk, Assistant CoordinatorHuman Resources Department To: David Johnson <[email protected]>From: Irina Shayk <[email protected]>Subject: Singapore IT FairDate: May 10Attachment: travel approval doc.

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